More About Craig

Craig is a graduate of the University of Akron School of Music earning a master`s degree in music theory. He also holds diplomas in English Language and Literature and journalism.

He is a teacher, writer, photographer, chef, entertainer, and vocalist living in Japan.

As a writer, Craig has published articles on Japanese life and culture in both Japanese and English. He has twice been named as a semi-finalist in an International Poetry Competition.

Craig has also written or edited documents for government emergency procedures and done translation work for several international companies in Japan. He is the author of two novels, “DIY (A Tome Of Life And Love In Japan).”  And, Craig published the popular American family life drama novel “The ‘Moore` We Forget” now out on Amazon in 2018!

As a photographer, Craig`s photographs have been featured in magazine and internet publications both in Japan and abroad.

Craig has spent time studying French, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese cooking styles. He has given cooking classes and clinics in Japan featuring aspects of fusion cooking. He has written several reviews of restaurants and bars in the Kansai area, and he is considered by many an expert in the local restaurant scene.

Craig has given 100s of hours of lectures on a variety of cultural topics. These lectures have focused on politics, economics, current events, and American-Japanese comparative discussions, among others.

Finally, as an entertainer and vocalist, Craig has performed in clubs, bars, and jazz festivals in the Kansai area of Japan. Among these many performances, recently, he performed with Hikari Matsumoto a professional traditional Japanese singer who has toured extensively throughout Europe and Japan. She remarked; after his most recent performance that, “Craig is a silky-smooth voice talent and a joy to perform with.”

Craig is also active in directing, writing, and performing in local children`s community theatre.