Craig-531 On 12 Awesome Things You Can Do To Find English Teaching Work While In Japan Plus Super Food Pictures!

Craig note-  Super secret tips on getting English teaching work in Japan and food pictures!

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Make Yourself A Human Billboard


Craig-298 10 Steps To A Great People Network On Twitter

Tell everyone you are looking for work.

People won’t help you if they don’t know you are looking for a job. Ninety percent of the jobs I got in Japan were based on an introduction from somebody.

It is important to get people to be on the look out for employment opportunities for you.

Use Social Media For More Than Just Watching Videos


Craig-521 On 7 Useful Posts To Get Your Content And Social Media Trending In The Right Direction And Oysters In Japan!

Join Social Media forums for English teachers.

These days companies are looking to save money. The big job boards are expensive for companies. Social Media is free.

Don’t be a moron, some of those jobs listed are terrible. Check stuff out BEFORE you sign on to any company.

There are bad jobs out there.

Go Where The English Speaking Japanese People Go


Craig-073 Tips To Avoid Failure In The PRIVATE EIKAIWA WARS

Find your local international house and community centers.

Don’t be a pest, but do make your name known to the movers and shakers. You likely won’t get full-time work at any of those places, but it’s a haven for those folks willing to teach evenings and weekends.

People don’t look very hard for their next English teacher. Your presence matters.

Find The Geezer Expats Who Never Left Japan


Craig-045 Grey, Grizzled, And Gaijin

Seek out private schools run by foreigners.

They tend to know about opportunities other people do not. Some of those folks also like a night off now and again.

See:  On call substitute.

Bypass The Cattle Call English Dispatch Companies


Craig-046 “You are not that special and neither is your resume.”

Apply directly to school boards.

These days school boards are hiring English teachers without the aid of the dispatch company. You will likely need a resume in Japanese, but Japanese resumes are so standard anybody can make one.

It can be hit or miss. But, there are some good jobs out there.

Drink Your Way To A Job


Craig-028- Japanese Drinking Secrets!

Go to gaijin bars.

It’s an opportunity to make connections with both expat and Japanese people alike. You might also find a date.

So, there is that.

Get Some Divine Intervention


Craig- 186 Japan: Where Does God Go?

Go to English-speaking churches.

Please don’t fake your love for Baby Jesus just to get an English teaching job. But, I know people whose church community helped them find work. And, one assumes a better place in the hereafter.

If that’s your eternal goal…

Type Until Your Fingers Bleed


Craig-298 10 Steps To A Great People Network On Twitter

E-mail every Japanese person you know. Again, people cannot help you if they do not know you are looking for work.

It never hurts to ask.

Suck Up To Expats Who Are Employed (Or Leaving)


Contact every foreigner you have ever met in Japan.

This is especially true of long-term foreigners. I know every (good) job in this area, and I know everybody. And, I already have a job. Take the hint and schmooze a fellow foreigner now and again.

Free beer goes a long way…

Shake The Trees For Yen While You Are Looking


Craig-296 Japan- 4 Posts To Get You More Yen Teaching English

Apply for one-off events with companies or private groups.

There is nothing wrong with earning a quick buck; doing a good job, and making a great connection. Summer, Christmas, and other holidays offer opportunities to do parties and camps.

It can be an awesome ‘in’ down the road when you need a little boost in getting a new teaching gig. And, the cash can be useful when you are scrambling to keep your lights on sans a full-time gig.

The ability to smile and play with kids for an hour during a party is gold when most expats are back home or travelling for holidays.

Look For Jobs Outside Of English Teaching


Craig-515 On Writing, Blogging, Getting People To Notice You, And Homemade Dinners In Japan!

Apply for jobs that are not English teaching.

Oddly, these days it is easier to get a job at a Japanese company than you might think. It hurts nothing to look for openings in fields outside of English teaching.

I have tons of friends who do other things besides flipping flashcards here. I love my friends, but they are not genius. But, they were smart enough to apply for lots of jobs.

The job market is such in Japan that unqualified people are filling jobs everywhere. In the end, it only takes one “Yes.” for you to keep eating every month.

And, that’s important!

Call It A Day And Give Up


Craig-097 Advice That You Must Read Before You Go: Should I Stay In Japan? Yes. No. I Don`t Know..

Go home.

That does not really help you find an English teaching job here. But, if you find it is a huge struggle to find employment in Japan, it is time to consider going home. Even if that is not possible, you can consider moving to other countries.

English teaching in Japan is not what it once was for many folks. This does not mean you cannot make a living doing it.

I have for the last nearly 14 years.

I know this gets me kicked out of the “tourism,” but bureau there are easier ways and places to make a buck in this world. Nobody loves Japan enough to scuff along for years on cup ramen dinners.

No offense to cup ramen lovers…

Grey, Grizzled, and Gaijin

Bonus Food Picture And Blog Posts


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Grey, Grizzled, and Gaijin

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