Craig-012 Japanese Steak

Okay, that is a little white lie, but I like the whole “Japanese” – theme. Go with it. I love steak. I love sushi. I do. But, sometimes, I need(s) me some COW!

A steak in Osaka $20 or so…

It is not impossible to get a cheap steak in Japan. Osaka offers up Outback Steakhouse. I have been there several times. It is well worth the money.

Wolfgang`s Steakhouse in Osaka

The above bad boy was $160. And, it was worth every yen! You do get what you pay for in Japan. It had been aged more than three years.

A new local Spanish place

There was a great Spanish place in my area that sold this one for $20. They also had a killer all-you-can drink wine special for $15.

The same Spanish place

This steak can be found in Himeji for $10. It was a great deal. I wanted to order it again, but my Perfect Wife stopped me! Don`t worry, we went drinking instead..

It is also possible to go seriously on the cheap. This yummy steak was just $8 with a coupon.

Family restaurant

Family restaurants are well known for their set lunches. The above tasty little guy was just $10.

It pays to look around a bit in Japan when you have the time. Of course, people come for the Kobe beef. But, honestly, you just buy a burger and stand in front a sign that that reads “Kobe.” It is not worth the money.

I ate (several times) it, and all I could think was “Where’s the beef?”

“My favorite animal is steak.”― Fran Lebowitz


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